Saturday, September 23, 2017

HAPPY B'DAY 'TRANE  [YouTube's changed the way you copy the url's and now I can't copy and embed in my posts as easily as before, hopefully you can enter this one and reach John Coltrane playing NAIMA from his album GIANT STEPS, a moving composition and performance]

dedicated to all the people impacted by the earthquakes and hurricanes, especially thinking of the people of Puerto Rico where I spent some time and met some beautifully generous and kind souls who are now suffering from the aftermaths of Irma and Maria...

Thursday, September 21, 2017


my father, brother Buddy (AKA James) Tommy (this is when he became Father Campion OFM) mother, sisters Joan and Irene, and me up front and spruced up for what I'm assuming was Tommy/Campion's celebration of his saying his first Mass c. 1952?
poets Simon Schucat standing hand in back pocket, Eric Torgerson standing in back with manuscript open, me with one leg up in Safari jacket, and on the bench the late Steve Shrader, the late Ray DiPalma, Paula Novotnak, and sitting on the grass Dick Patterson, at Trinity College in DC (I taught there at the time) at a poetry reading I organized in 1969 or '70
at a wedding party in DC with me and my then love Ana Ross Gongora (with big bag) and others DC 1974
fellow editors at The Franklin Library and me (the only office job I ever had and I quit before I was there two years) posing with William Saroyan (in his trademark bushy mustache), one of my lifelong favorite writers (notice everyone's looking at the camera but I'm looking at him) whom I had interviewed earlier or was about to, for a newsletter I wrote for them, NYC c. 1976
me in lower corner, Chris ? on floor behind me, actress Jamie Rose in doorway speaking to my daughter Caitlin, actor Jeff Kober holding his son Henry's hand, and behind them actor Michael O'Keefe talking to someone we can't see, at my 50th birthday party in the house I rented in Santa Monica CA 1992
me, my son Miles, daughter Caitlin, grandchildren Eli (in colorful hat) and Donovan (in dark blue hat), son Flynn (in red knit hat), and son-in-law Ed in Massachusetts c. 2008
my cousins Rod (AKA John), the late Micki, Kathi, sister Irene, cousins Pat, MaryLynn, and me at family reunion, Belmar NJ 2011

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


[from my book THE VILLAGE SONNETS about the years 1959-62 when I was a teenager trying to make it in Greenwich Village as a jazz musician from Jersey]


I crashed a Village party with street bros where
Red Mitchell was playing with a small combo.
When they took a break I stood his bass up and
played the melody to MOANIN’. Red made it
clear he didn’t dig strangers playing his ax. I
laid it down but drunkenly tripped, putting a
tiny crack in it with my pointy-toed boot and
was thrown out. For a long time hip Villagers
knew me as the little J.D. who kicked a hole in
Red Mitchell’s bass. At a Brooklyn party Lex
Humphries loaned me a rubber when I asked,
cause Princess insisted. We went up to the
roof, but it was tilted and covered in pebbles
that dug into our backs as we almost rolled off.